Friday, November 6, 2015

Still here . . .

I'm still here.
Knitting and knitting because I like to knit.  As I looked through my knitwear draw I realized I have knit a lot of things because I like to knit but I have not wore many of these things.  What to do - do I give them away or unravel them and use the yarn for something else?  Not sure what to. So for now I have a pile of things that sit neatly folded on a chair awaiting their fate - to be given to someone who might love and wear them or to be knit into something else that I might love and wear or give away. Ugh - all life decisions should be this perplexing.  Stay tuned while I make up my mind.
But in the mean time I am knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for a future Grandchild who is not even in the making yet.
And having a second go at "Stole".  This time in a non-felting sock yarn version.  Only its turning out to be heavy and large.  So "Stole" might turn into "Blanket".