Monday, October 14, 2013

Damask in Iris

I saw this pattern awhile ago when I started knitting shawls.  
I knew it was too hard for me when I first saw it but I also knew it would be a goal for the future.

Then I saw this yarn at a wool festival last year and bought it with this shawl in mind.  
Yarn and pattern finally came together for this lovely shawl.

Yarn cake shows truest color.

The shawl is called Damask.  The yarn is Ms.Babs 2-ply in a color called Iris.

This is my third project involving nupps.  
I found using a crochet hook make nupps a lot easier to do and a lot less intimidating.

I intend to make this shawl again in a solid or tonal color to show the pattern better.  
And while the photos don't do this piece justice the colors together with the pattern are delicious.

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  1. Congratulations! It is a stunning shawl! I love the color and the fact that you want to make another says a lot about the quality of the pattern.