Thursday, February 14, 2013

Raspberry Beret

Raspberry Beret by Prince.  Who doesn't now that song?
My niece, Maia, recently discovered Raspberry Beret and requested a raspberry beret.
I immediately thought of the pattern for the Baby Rollin Beret
since I've recently made a couple of these for holiday gifts.
This time I knit a Rollin Beret, the adult version of the Baby Rollin Beret.
By the time I'm knitting the same pattern for the third time its safe to say I like it - a lot.
Maia and Sabine sport their berets
I knit the first two baby hats, in two different sizes, for my nieces Sabine and Delphine. 
Then I knit it in a larger adult size for my niece Maia.
All were knit in Cascade 220 Superwash.
And now I have yarn on order to make their Mom a basic black beret.
Delphine's smaller baby size (16")
It is so cute, so easy and so fast that I can see myself knitting lots of these berets for gifts.  
I have to say I might have to knit another for my mother, who loves berets.
I highly recommend this hat.
Thanks Woolly Wormhead for another great pattern.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Them Yarn Bones

I like yarn bombings. 
I've often thought of yarn bombing a light pole right outside of my apt building.   
I have a board on Pinterest with yarn bomb pics. 
 My non-knitting friends send me yarn bomb photos all the time.  
When I visited my niece this summer she made a point of showing me the ones she has found in her home town on our way to the local yarn shop.
But this has got to be the most unusual thing I've ever seen yarn bombed . . .
Yes that is a yarn bombed skeleton.  
It is part of a larger display of skeleton art.  
You can find it on display in Kiehl's on 13th Street and Third Avenue in NYC.
Yarn bombing a pole might seem a little tame now