Tuesday, January 8, 2013

By Request

     My husband, Danny, asked me to knit him a neck warmer.  I passed out from the shock.  He has never asked for anything knitted before so when he asked for a neck warmer I nearly fell off the planet.
     Dan is a cotton man.  He wears short sleeved cotton T-shirts year round.  We call him Mr.Freeze because he keeps the A/C on so high in the summer that people come into our home and put sweaters on.  He doesn't even get a goose bump while I'm blowing frosted smoke rings.  This man likes it cold!  Its no wonder that winter is his favorite season.  
      He does wear store bought wool socks when he skis now because he ran out of cotton ones (that I "forgot" to wash) and had to try the wool socks.  He converted to wool socks for skiing but declined hand made ones.  He will borrow a hat from our son on occasion but refuses when I offer to make him his own. He regularly refuses knitted goods - no hats, no scarves, no sweaters, nothing, nada, zip.
      He supports all of us in so many ways and asks for so little in return.  He has a "provider" personalityWhen he asked for a neck warmer, and after I regained consciousness, I dropped what I was knitting to make him a neck warmer.
      Its plain and uncomplicated yet strong and stand up - just like him.
I used Miss Babs "Yummy" hand-painted 3 ply sport weight yarn.  The colorway is called "Wreck of the John Barry".  I used a US size 5 / 3.75 mm needle and cast on 120 stitches with a long tail cast on.  The stitch pattern used is called a broken rib stitch.  I knit for about 8 inches and bound off with EZ stretchy sewn bind-off.  I bound off from the inside of the ring because I liked the way it looked better.  Whats even better is he likes it and we both hope it cools down again this winter so he can wear it (without passing out from overheating.)

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