Sunday, December 30, 2012

I have had a hard time motivating myself to write a blog post 
when so much more important happenings deserve our collective attention.  
I feel for all the fellow New Yorkers still left homeless by hurricane Sandy 
while they await desperately needed help.  
I feel for those who just wanted to escape into a movie, 
do some holiday shopping or go to school and lost their lives to violence.  
I feel for the parents, siblings, children, friends and other loved ones who will miss those smiles.  

As this year winds to a close I appreciate my life more then ever.  
I give thanks for all that is good in it.  
I am grateful to be able to hug my son at night and ask him about his day.
 To sleep next to a man that loves and cares for me.  
To be alive.  

I look forward to this new year with hope and optimism.
Happy New Year - now go hug somebody!

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Little Holiday Knitting

     I am down to the wire.  Trying to finish up those holiday gifts before the holidays can be a little stressful.  I love knitting gifts.  Finding the right yarn and picking the right pattern to match the recipient helps make the gift more meaningful for me.
     My favorite projects this holiday season have been for the newest member of our family - Delphine.  She arrived on Thanksgiving Day.  Here she is in a Baby Surprise Jacket made for her by her Auntie.

This cute Baby Bonnet is from Jane Austen Knits Fall 2012.  I made this adorable little bonnet out of Shibui Knits Staccato Sock.  Its 65% merino, 30% silk and 5% nylon and the prettiest color pink.
     It only needs a ribbon to call itself finished.

     And just so she wouldn't be cold this spring I made her this equally adorable little sweater coat called Helena  by Alison Greene Will (available as a free download).  It is made from very soft Ultra Pima Cotton by Cascade in white.  I modified the pattern by using a smaller needle (size US 4/3.5 mm) with the thinner yarn. I made the 6 months size.  I wanted it to be a little bigger then newborn so she can wear it this spring and then into the summer.  The only other modification came at the end in finishing the front.  Instead of doing 7 rows of garter stitch I did 8 rows of reverse stockinette and then sewed the edge down to the picked up stitches.  I still have to figure out the closing.  I'm thinking hooks (either invisible or decorative) or double buttons with loops.

     Next week I'll head over to M&J Trimming on 6th Avenue to see what they have for me and to get ribbon for the bonnet.
     I still have a couple, three, four things left to knit.  I hope I make it before Christmas!