Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rhinebeck Report 2012

As usual Rhinebeck (or the NYS Wool and Sheep Festival as it is also called) was Yarntastic!
My husband has come with me every year since I told him that there were lamb chops and wine.  
We left our house as the fog was lifting
Fall colors everywhere!
The stars of the show are all sorts of animals that produce fiber - 
alpaca, rabbit, goat and several kinds of sheep.
and of course Wool.
And the fiber they produce . . .
Dyed roving's
Felted gnomes 
Sky blue fleece
And of course YARN!
(sorry for the fuzzy photo)
The Crowds are very easy going and filled with good natured knitters.   
Knitters in general are the kind of personalities that should rule the earth.  

We come for the yarn but are more then willing to wait on line for the food. 
Pictured here are the Fried Artichokes everyone loves.  
We also had the plate of lamb chops with lamb ravioli and sauteed spinach. Yum.  
One of the pavilions is filled with food vendors.  
So we had to sample many cheeses and take little bits of about 6 different kinds away with us.  
And then wash it down with very tasty wine from Hazlitt Wineries.  So good we got a case.
Fried Artichokes - Gluten free!
But an odd thing happened.   I went through my stash and sorted it the night before the festival -
sort of like stepping on a yarn scale and putting back that extra yarn cake -
it put me on a yarn diet! 
I bought just 4 skeins of yarn (2 each in 2 color ways) from Ms. Babs.  
My first purple purchase ever and my usual (can't have enough) blue.  I'm thinking scarf/shawls.
Yummy 2-ply Superwash
I'm thinking "I wish a food diet would work this well!"  
Even though I didn't purchase a lot of yarn my husband and I had a ball.
And there is always Rhinebeck 2013 to look forward too!

Blue Ribbon Winner

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