Monday, October 15, 2012

I love fall

I love fall for many reasons . . .
     Wonderful knit sweaters
          The trees are full of color
               Warm wool socks
                    Crisp air
                          Knit shawls and scarves
                               Apples and cider donuts
                                    The smell of wood burning in the fireplace
                                          Yarn doesn't stick to my fingers
                                                But the biggest reason I love fall is . . .

The NYS Wool and Sheep Festival at Rhinebeck
This years dates are Oct 20th and 21st
at The Duchess County Fairgrounds
     I have been addicted to this festival since I discovered it a few years ago.  I feel like a child in a toy store at Christmas.  Yes it can get crowded.  The lines can be very long at which ever vendor has a buzz about them that year.  Saturday is busier then Sunday.  There are buttons and baskets and sheep dogs.  The food and wine round out the entire festival beautifully.  It is so much more then just yarn.
     Every year I go with a different strategy in  mind.  I have gone and focused on Alpaca.  Another year it was sock yarn for socks.  The next it was sock yarn for things other then socks.  Last year it was a particular vendor.  I have collected a good size stash over the years and spent most of this year happily stash busting for various projects.
     I don't have a plan yet for this year.  I was thinking of maybe picking a pattern (or two) and shopping for that.  We'll see how I feel when the day is here.  Stashing is always an option; one can never have enough stash (in my opinion).
     My husband comes with me and volunteers to stand on the lines.  He is very good about my wool hobby year round.  I appreciate that so at the fair I feed him lamb chops and ply him with wine.  All in all we have a good time. We are both looking forward to this year as much as ever.  We already have our tickets!
     Maybe I'll see you there - I'll be the one with the wool and the wine sharing a plate of lamb chops with my hubby.

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