Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tale of a Baby Bunting

     I have made a few baby buntings over the years.  
The first one was over 23 years ago for my nephew Chris.  
The next one was 20 years ago for my son Morgan.  
Then 5 years later for my nephew Michael, shared by his sister Amanda.  
The last was 9 years ago and made for my niece Maia 
and shared with my nephew Nathan and their sister Sabine.
     In the past 20 years my knitting has improved with every bunting made.  
The first one sort of followed a pattern.  
The second and third morphed the pattern into something that was totally mine.  
Improvement in skill yielded improvements in the pattern 
and the garment (yes a bunting can be called a garment).
     The most recent bunting has not met my niece yet but it awaits her arrival.  
I had a lot of fun making this one.  
I took my time and worked it like the kid would be wearing it until she leaves for college.
But I don't think she'll fit into it after her first birthday.  
And yet I would knit it all again, with the same care and in the same way.
     Because babies are wonderful and deserve to be 
kept warm in the most wonderful woolies an Auntie can knit.

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