Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation Achievment

So we went away for 10 days and I packed enough projects to carry me through to next year.  
I didn't really expect to get them all done, I just like having a choice. Or rather many choices.

So on my vacation I managed to finish, block and wear my Aestlight shawl. - Love it!
Second I finished my little summer sweater called Seville - more of a bolero then sweater.  
I didn't think this would fit as well as it does.  Love it too (or is it two?)
I tried my hand at Wingspan with On Live (a german yarn) but I wasn't feeling it. 
 I know this yarn is not for this pattern but I also think I may not be for this pattern so on to the next.
I knit the left front of the baby bunting I'm working on - I am using Cascade Superwash worsted.
It's coming along nicely in spot number three.
I cast-on for a pair of Hedgerow socks in Cascade merino and mulberry silk also in dark grey.  
These are being made by request for the sweetie that cuts my hair.  
We barter - both thinking we got the best part of the deal.
I've decided to save my Multnomah Shawl for a trip my hubby and I are making to
Portland at the end of July to visit family.  It is wound and ready to go.
I think it fitting that I see the Multnomah as I knit a Multnomah - No?
I am working on an "invented" something from my Japanese stitch dictionaries - 
And last but not least I didn't even look at the yarn for my Moth Shawl let alone the pattern.
Now its back to real life and a little less knitting time - I miss my vacation already!

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