Thursday, June 28, 2012

East Light KAL

Susie asked me to do a KAL with her.  She picked Aestlight Shawl.  
I am using an old favorite, a skein of Little Traveller, stash busting.  
This pattern starts with a center triangle of garter stitch, 
a border of a very open lace and 
an edge that is knitted on as you go around the perimeter. 
At first I was a little lack luster about this pattern
but as I knit this project I began to like it more and more.
Just as the garter stitch started to wear on me the lace section began.  
So nice and open.  Understated for lace yet just enough.
 I like the star points the knitted on border add to balance the entire shawl.
It reminds me so of a Victorian Lady -
from Scotland of course!
Thanks Susie.
PS - I wore this shawl to Cooperstown yesterday and received the nicest comment.
It really is very pretty.

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  1. This is gorgeous! Perfect choice of yarn and I'm so glad you enjoyed knitting it as much as I did.