Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V – Junkie

I am onto the third pair of socks from Alice Yu’s book Socktopus.  
This pair is called V – Junkies.  
A very easy knit with a nice slipstitch design feature. 
I am almost finished with the first sock and find that this is knitting up very fast.  
These are made out of Cascade Heritage Hand Painted Sock Yarn.  
It’s a merino and nylon blend that is machine washable.  
I thought the colors were grayer when I picked the yarn, 
purchased the yarn and again when I picked it out of my stash for this design.  
But this weekend I had a very pleasant surprise.  
I took the yarn outside to knit and all these colors appeared!  Like magic!
The grays have a drab olive tone; there are browns, blue and lavender that I never noticed before.  
All in all this was a very pleasant surprise. 

Note to self – always check colors in natural light whenever possible

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sock Yarn Shawl

Susie and I used to go to a yarn shop called the Point.  
The Point has since closed but the reason we went, aside from the yarn, 
has since moved her expertise to Annie & Co. on Madison and 93rd.  
Her name is Alyssa and if you’re ever in the neighborhood drop by and say “Hi”

On a fairly recent visit I purchase a very colorful skein of sock yarn by 
Cascade called Heritage Silk Paints.  
I never knew Cascade made a merino / silk blend sock yarn.  
The color is very spring; orange, yellow, pinks and a dash of green.  
This very simple shawl is from a recipe type book by Evelyn Clark called Knitting Lace Triangles.   
I used the medallion motif for the main body and ended 
with about 11 rows of the  ripple lace pattern before I ran out of yarn and had to bind off.  
I just got a chance to block it this past weekend. 
I am very happy with how it turned out.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The yarn knows what its suppose to be . .

The socks and hats I made last month won't have to wait long for someone to wear them!
 Seems the yarn knew something that I didn't - 
the young couple will be a family of three come this Thanksgiving.  
I am very happy for them, children are wonderful.
The smaller set will go to the new baby to be.
I had enough yarn left to make not only the second pair of socks but a cute, 
old school style bonnet for my 5 month old niece out on the west coast. 
I better take my knitting with me to the post office tomorrow,
I might be there long enough to knit another baby sock.
Buttons from Susie & Glen - Aren't they a perfect match?