Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Cake

I have a box of yarn that I wound into cakes before I learned that this is a no, no.
One of those cakes I had in mind for my next planned sock project.
But as I looked around the box this one yarn looked back up at me.
It said  "When will it be my turn?"
It was the oldest cake in the box.  Passed over every time I went into the box.
This yarn wasn't what I had in mind for the pattern I had planned but it begged to be knitted.
It helped that the color is so spring.  
I bought the yarn more then 2 years ago because it reminded me of Easter eggs.
It is the prettiest combination of spring pastels - a hot pink, soft peach, spring green and a very baby blue.  Medium weight Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock.  
It said "Socks, baby socks and a hat to match"  I said "Oh yeah"
I know a newly married couple who are working on starting a family.
This yarn and a few baby items will be perfect for them.
So my "V Junkies" are on hold for this . . .
Yes there are 3 socks there.  
I  miscounted the first sock so I wound up with 2 pairs, one slightly larger then the other.  
Twins run in both families so maybe the yarn is trying to tell me something
like make 2 hats too!


  1. Why is it a no-no to wind? Or do you mean a no-no to wind before you're ready to knit it? I leave mine in the skein, and then wind when ready...

  2. I meant it was a no-no to wind before one is ready to knit . . .