Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Socktopus - Pattern 2 - Kandahar

So I am on to the second sock in the Alice Wu book, Socktopus.  
I think I already mentioned that I love this book.
I am using Socks That Rock, medium weight, for my "Kandahar's".  
I am knitting the size 7" going up a half a needle size 
for the heavier weight yarn and my larger feet. 
That half needle size should add about an inch to the socks 
circumference for a perfect fit.
(I learned how to do this from reading the first chapter in Socktopus)
The color way reminds me of red wines - 
it moves from the deepest of burgundy all the way to a light rose.  
The stitch pattern is delightful.  
The photo in the book uses a dark yarn and the detail gets lost.  
When I looked at the various choice of yarns and colors that my fellow 
Ravelers used I could see the stitch pattern better and fell in love with this sock too.
So I am finishing my first Kandahar sock and will have to keep reminding myself 
to start the second sock of the pair before 
I cast on for the third pattern from the same book.
"V Junkie" is next.
 I have knitters ADD bad!
I can't help but ADD a project before the last one is finished!

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