Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Writers Block vs. Knitted Block

I was hard at work on the TNGA Master Knitters Level One. 
I promised myself I wouldn't knit anything until I finished the knitting for the course.  I cheated with a simple seed stitch baby blanket (more on that another time).  But I finished the knitting - finally.
I completed all the research. I took my notes. I corrected the knitting mistakes I made.
I learned a lot about knitting and myself as a knitter.
Then I ran into a block. 
The writing had to be done.  I also promised myself I won't write anything until I finished the writing for the course...  So no blogs for a long time.  But here I am cheating again!  I had to write something because I have since realized that I need a little practice to keep me going.  Sort of like being better on the bike after a few rides then the first time on a bike in 30+ years (more on that another time also).
As I write this I feel the block being chipped away at.  And at the same time I am knitting mitered square blocks - for a Mitered Squares Blanket to be exact.  I hope I can knit all my blocks out of my head and into a report on knitting and a blanket.  I just might be knitting these for the summer. Although I hope to have the writing done well before then.
And I may knit a sock or two in for good measure. 

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