Friday, March 25, 2011

Project #100

A few years ago I was co-teaching a needle arts club group at my sons Middle School.  We taught needlepoint, crewel/embroidery, crocheting and knitting.  This class awakened a passion for knitting in me that had been dormant for a long time. 
I searched the internet and found The Knitting Guild Association and its Masters Course. 
The Masters Program is a 3 level program.  I thought to myself  "No problem. I can knit."  and  "I'll get through all three levels 1-2-3."  I joined TKGA, paid my fee and got the course.
Hahahahahaha hahahah haha! Oy!
When I examined my work though the lens of the Masters Course I realized - I had a lot to learn.  While I did knit.  I did not knit well enough.  My stitches were different sizes, wonky in different directions.  It was off but consistent.  Consistently off.  I started on a mission to learn and improve my skills.
My next Internet search for knitting stuff found Ravelry. I joined on February 24th 2008.  It's been a great resource for me.  Being able to keep track of projects, yarns, needles all in one place is great.  Add to that the ability to share with so many other knitters just grows that experience exponentially.  To view how so many knitters execute the same patterns completely differently from each other.  Or the many different applications of the same yarn.  I love it.
The Internet has been great for this knitter.  I have found U-Tube tutorials shared by some very gifted and generous knitters to be an invaluable resource.  I have joined a knitting group or two and met some wonderful knitters over the past 3+ years.  I learned about Rhinebeck - a fun filled fiber fest for fun loving fiber people.  I now have a stash larger then I am willing to admit.  I spread it around so I can tell myself it isn't that much (in one place). And I started this blog. 
But I haven't finished Masters Course yet.
This is my current project.  Ravelry project # 100 - TKGA Masters Course. 
Wish me luck and stay tuned.