Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tired of Socks

Did I just write that? I think I did. But I feel so guilty!
I have a rather large stash of sock yarn.
So large that I've actually though about making a blanket out of it.
And even that would just lighten the load.

I have knit a lot of socks this past year.
I can actually make it two weeks in warm woolly socks before I run out and have to wash them.

I have even gifted more then a few pairs to more then a few lucky people.

Maybe I have just been knitting too many socks lately.

Maybe the thought I had in the back of my mind,
of knitting the family socks for Christmas,
 has scared my subconscious into sabotaging me with evil thoughts of sock knitting.
I don't know.  I sure do hope it passes.

Because when I am actually looking at the sock yarn I can't pick even one skein to make a blanket out of.

I think the only sock yarn that is going to make it to a blanket is the left over yarn from my knitted socks.

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