Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I give you - "Procrastination"

It's been a long time.  A long time since I first started this long and wide scarf wrap.  I'm hoping that if I make the description very long I can justify taking 16 months to finish one simple scarf. I could have had a ... (you fill in the blank) in the time it took to finish this scarf.

It's not the yarn.  I love the yarn! I purchased this yummy Alpaca Silk blend in a colorway called Aquarium from Ellen's Half Pint Farm at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival @ Rhinebeck in October of 2008.  Almost another year before I started the scarf; I mean wide and long wrap.  It is so soft in hand with a sweet supple halo.  The color reminds me of the ocean breaking on a sand bar.
It's not that the pattern was hard - its a rectangle!  I designed the stitch pattern to be a simple mix of stockinette and seed stitch - couldn't get much easier.  I worked on it in the car, at night, in the dark! This was easy knitting.
So why it took so long to finish - I dunno. But I did finish it and I am very happy about that.  With all the time it took I am calling the scarf "Procrastination".  It is a simple pattern.  I promise not to take as long posting the pattern to Ravelry.

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