Friday, December 31, 2010

Color Work in Shades of Grey

My first Fair Isle knit.  I have done 2 projects in intarsia, both kits for my son and nephew. 
Front-loading back-hoes, but that's another story.  I started this before Thanksgiving and was determined to finish it before the New Year.  Made it with a day to spare!
I found this pattern in an English knitting magazine (Knitting) last year as part of their holiday pull out.  I went to the Drops website because the pattern in the pull out was a little vague in spots.  The pattern on the website was a little less vague but still vague. So I guess I'll just have to channel my inner EZ and without tears, just knit on. I ordered the yarn online from Garnstudio.  It was here in 2 days.
This is my first time stranding my yarn.  I read the tutorials, watched the Drops tutorial and cast on.
I frogged the first attempt because I didn't like the wonky jumps from row to row without continuity.  So I added a stitch in charcoal grey at the end of the first round as a "seam" stitch.  Whenever I got to the end of a row I dropped all the colors I was working with and picked up the charcoal grey, wrapping the loose yarns, I knit my seam stitch.  This worked out great.  I didn't have to worry about jogging stitch's from row to row to eliminate the uneven appearance.  Maybe after I am more experienced at this I will be able to change color from row to row and stitch to stitch without seeing the jump. 
Or maybe not - for now the seam works fine.
Happy New Year Everybody