Monday, November 1, 2010

My first KAL - Socks

I joined the Socktoberfest KAL on Ravelry.  I never did a KAL before and wasn't sure if I could keep up with the progress through the entire project but thought to myself - "Self its socks! How hard could it be?"

It wasn't hard at all and it turned out to be fun.  Mostly because this was a mystery pattern that you got to see as you knit, week by week.  I have seen ThroughTheLoops sock patterns By Kirsten Kapur before but I've never knit one myself.  I have wanted too for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to introduce myself to this talented designers work.  I have not been disappointed at all.  Her socks also happened to grace the cover of Brave New Knits. My current favorite book to drool over.  I did not finish these yet but I did manage to start and finish two other pairs. 

One pair is this plain 2x2 rib throughout the leg and down the instep.  I lost the yarn band but I love the color.  Very earthy and autumn.

The other pair I knit with an afterthought heel and a 2x2 ribbed cuff/leg.  My first afterthought heel.  I like it better then a short row heel - it looks cleaner and tighter.  I also love the colorway.  Its funny, before now I never would have picked this color.  Now I love it.  It was a gift from Susie.  Thanks Susie!

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  1. I like the afterthought heel, too! I've used one before, on a cuff down sock that was worked in stripes with a contrasting heel and toe. I stopped to work the heel before finishing the toe, so I knew that when I finished the sock it would fit and be done.

    Congrats on your Socktoberfest!