Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October is Socktoberfest

October is Socktober month.  My Friend, Susie, mentioned this to me last month.  I never heard of Socktoberfest before.  I went over to Ravelry and checked out the group.  I thought, this is perfect timing and joined the group.  Thank you Susie!

There is a KAL for a specially designed sock for the event.  This is my first KAL.  I like that the pattern is being released a little at a time so the design of the sock will unfold as it is being knit.  A bit of trust in the designer is required because I won't know what the sock is suppose to look like until I am finished.  I am going to knit the KAL socks two at a time so both are finished at once and because the pattern is being released bit by bit, affording me the time to slow down and smell the stitches as they fume into socks. 

I started knitting socks about two and a half years ago.  My first sock seemed to take forever as I knit and frogged and knit again (and again) until I got it right.  Actually the first pair took 3 months to finish.  Since then some pairs have taken me longer to finish but none have taught me as much about knitting in general as those first pair of socks.

 Over the summer I was reading Stephanie McPhee (The Yarn Harlot) and found myself agreeing with some of her thoughts on socks. Fancy socks are great to knit. They are even more beautiful to look at and wear.  For some, it is very hard to put shoes on over them and cover up all that beauty and design work.  While I do wear all of my creations I have noticed that some of the recipients of my hand knit socks are not wearing them.  I am told they are too pretty to wear.  The one exception - the dude who got the pair of  plain boot socks!   I decided I wanted to knit several pairs of plain or close to plain socks to wear and be worn more often.  I started at the end of September with a smaller size of the plain boots socks in Noro.  I am currently working on my eighteenth and nineteenth pairs of socks, just in time for Socktoberfest.  And with the cast on of the KAL I'll be up to my twentieth  pair.  I am hoping to knit a dozen pairs of socks this year.  I am up to nine pairs including the three pairs above.

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