Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project bags

A couple of years ago I made a few project bags out of quilting fabric I bought when I had delusions of making a real bed sized quilt.  I made a doll sized quilt and a baby sized quilt and then the allure quickly faded.  When I made my project bags a couple of years ago it seems that I did not make enough.  So since I had some time and a lot more fabric on hand I decided to take a few hours and make a few more bags. 

Mostly they are one or two skein size bags. 
I can also fit a nice lace weight or shawl project in it. 

I made one rather large one for a good sized project, now I have two larger bags.  This time I also made a wide and short one for that unusual project or to have a few extra yarn cakes at hand, just in case. 

I am enjoying my sock knitting so I like having the yarn, needles and pattern
in the bag ready to go when I am. 

Well for now I think I might have enough bags.  And its a good thing too because when sewing the new bags I realized how badly the older bags needed a washing. 
Yarn and traveling can be dusty.

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