Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walker Treasury Project Donation

A couple of posts/months ago I wrote about joining the Walker Treasury Project.  See that big obnoxious button on the right (--> ) - press it, after you read this of course.
I finished 3 of the 5 swatches I signed on to do.
This is the first one.  Its called Double Eyelet Rib.  Its from the first book - A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.
This is the second one.  It is called Shadow Cable.  Also from the first book.
And the third one is called Block Quilting.  It is from the Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.
They were all knit with Paton's Classic Wool.  Your basic all around blah yarn.  It is great yarn for felting though if I felted these swatches we would have to send them on a trip with Alice when she shrinks.

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