Monday, July 26, 2010

Started a few things. . .

I finished a few projects and the projects I have on the needles are, for me, things I will knit over time because they go on and on and on.  Like this scarf.  It is half way there but it has a few feet more to go before it will be the scarf I know it can be.

Really, I  have to make some room in my stash boxes for this years goodies from
Rhinebeck's Wool and Sheep Festival. 

So I decided to start a  few new projects. . .
I am knitting myself a sweater from the early fall 2010 issue of Vogue Knitting out of Rowan Plaid. I picked up this yarn at Smiley's Annual Hotel Sale here in NYC back in 2009.  A bag of 10 skeins was $30.00.   The yarn seems to be made up of 3 different colors of sport or fingering weight yarn (turquoise, lime and grey). I am glad I stashed this yarn, this pattern is what it has been waiting for.  I modified the pattern, or rather simplified it, by leaving out the center panel on the back.  I didn't really like it.  Besides with this colorway it would have been too busy.  To conserve on yarn I also left out the pockets.  I did the math and will be cutting it close on this project.  I'm working on the front right now.  I might have to purchase a couple more skeins to make the sleeves longer and I'm afraid those 2 skeins will cost me more then the other 10 did put together.  Isn't it pretty though?
I am also making the Lazy Mock Cable socks that my friend and fellow knitter, Suzy (aka KnittingKnoobie) has made several times over.  They are very cute. I messed up the 2x2 ribbing at the start - it was late at night - so it stayed that way.  I promise to do right on the next pair.  Yes there will be a next pair.  This is a fun and really cute knit!  I totally get why Suzie goes back to this pattern often, I think I might too.  By the  way this is some of the Socks that Rock yarn that I am making room in my stash for.
I am going to use this to make my next pair of socks.  Also STR but in medium weight instead of light weight.  I haven't picked a pattern for it yet.
I'm thinking I might do a second pair of Lazy Mock Cable Socks
or maybe something else.  I'll decide by the end of the week.
I have to have my vacation knitting lined up by then.
Next week we are going camping by the Jersey Shore.
I don't know if we'll be anywhere near the folks from the show, Jersey has a big shore,
but if I run into Snookie I'll teach her how to knit!

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