Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ahhhh...Country Air, now where's that chain saw?

We have been busy pruning and clipping and chopping overgrowth.  House work around the outside started with spring and will end when the ground is covered in snow.  Our house hasn't had as much as a branch cut or bramble trimmed in many, many years.  Bushes that should be 6-8 feet tall have grown to over 15 feet.  Things planted too close to the foundation of our house for comfort, roots threatening the basement walls; it all had to go.  And for the most part, this weekend, it did.

This is my house  minus the bush/trees.( a little out of focus, sorry)
I did manage to get one planting bed turned and planted with tomatoes and peppers.  I have 3 more beds to do - this was just the easiest so it got done first. We are far North in the Catskills and we had a late frost this year so things couldn't get planted until late.  I never knew trees could get frost bite but our Mulberry tree did.  I don't know if it will effect the fruit or if we will even get fruit.  I do know I have wild rose bush roots as big as a tree to dig up in the next few weeks - they took over 2 of the plant beds so they gotta go.

I do enjoy the wild weed flowers that grow out back.  I am learning a lot about owning a house. Right now I am still loving it including the gardening and repairing.  Its like we're slowly shaping the sole of the house and turning it into our home.  I like it - its a great feeling.  I think I'm in love with my house! My husband will be happy - he finally gets a menage-a-trois - him, me and the house.

I have been busy knitting too.  I finally finished the cotton hat for Dawn.

And I designed a new pair of socks.  I first knit it up in this pretty teal and bronze variegated yarn.  Sort of looks like a brocade fabric.  I wanted the stitch pattern to be seen for the pattern which meant knitting a second pair in a solid color.  It was a great opportunity to check out Lion Brands new Sock-ease at the same time.  I have one made and will cast on for the second before the end of the week. As soon as the second sock is finished I will post a photo and put the pattern on Ravelry.

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