Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm a Ravelry Designer!

My name is Allyson Ryan and I write patterns for BackwardKnitter as well as this blog. 
 Today I became a new Ravelry Designer!
I posted my first pattern on Ravelry today.  I held my own hand and chattered my teeth - I almost bit my tounge clean off- but I did it. It's free too - so check it out 'cause the price is right.  I would love to see how different knitters take this pattern and use their style and choice of yarn to make it their own.
If ya knit one please share.  Susie is doing a second test knit for me - how ya doin Suz?  If anyone should come upon an errata (fancy designer term for mistake) please let me know so I can adjust the pattern.  Constructive suggestions welcome too.  Thanks to those who read and will take the time to look and maybe consider knitting this great one skein project.

More to come...

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