Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wool And Hot Chocolate

On Thursday Feb 18th Susie and I headed over to City Bakery for the First Annual Wool and Hot Chocolate Night.  It was  a very happy time for the wool fume sniffing, hot chocolate drinking, knitting women (and a few men) of NYC.
There were vendors from a few LYS holding classes for projects with a hot chocolate theme.  There were spinners spinning and beginners learning to spin or improve their spinning skills.  There was City Bakery food and 10 different kinds of hot chocolate.  But most of all there were knitters - about 200+ of us!  We knitters filled the place.  Once it hit Ravelry's Forum Boards it was sold out in a day or two.  Everyone there knew someone who didn't get to go - they could have sold out 2 nights - maybe next year they will.
I am gluten intolerant and was happy to see a nice selection of food for me to eat.  Roasted brocolli and carrots, nice salads, a GF curry and rice dish, a GF dessert selection and 10 different kinds of hot chocolate.  I only tried 6 - Milk, dark, lemon chiffon, caramel, expresso, and chili pepper. I have no favorite, I would gladly drink all of them in hugh quantity given the opportunity.
For knitting I worked on my Mohair Scarf for Ravelympics. 
We were sitting next to Wool and the Gang.  The girls came in wearing these great cowl/hoods made from this very chunky yarn.  I sort of liked the cowl but wanted to make it more of a cape wide width.  I bought 2 balls of what seemed like expensive wool.  And looking online I realize it is expensive, about $5-7 per skein more then comprable yarns.  But I just had to have it then and there.  A few days later I had my cowl / cape made.

We had a great time and I've already noted next years calender - February is hot chocolate month!

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