Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm in the Ravelympics!

Hi there.  I know its been a while.  I'll make a long story short.  I turned the computer off one night and it refused to turn back on until we gave it more memory, a new video card and Windows 7.  If it starts to smell I'll know for sure my teenager cloned himself.  He is the family tech so only he would really know for sure.  Anyhow the machine is working now and here I am. . .
I joined Ravelry's Ravelympics for the first time this year.  I knit for Team Sit n' Knit, a meetup group I belong to.  I had fun, challenged myself and am very happy I was able to complete all my events and even add one. I participated in the following events:

Areial Unwind - I frogged my linen stitch scarf.  It was not making me happy and I was ignoring it so now both the yarn and I can move on to better things.

Hat Halfpipe - My son wanted a helmet liner / balacava.  I found a pattern, lenghtened the neck for a snowboarding teenager and knit it in black for the boy.

WIP's-Dancing - I've been working on a mohair scarf since November 2009 (from a pattern I bought in November of 2008) and haven't really touched it since November.  This was the motivation I needed to get it finished.  And it's a beautiful 8 feet long!

DesignSkeleton - I signed up for Design Skeleton twice.  I really want to start formally writing and posting patterns I've designed and this was the perfect thing to get me started.  I now have two patterns written and ready to test knit.  The first is called Baby Fern Smoke Ring / Cowl and the second is the Eyelet Neck Scarf.  A test knit of each to fine tune and they'll be ready to print.  I can't believe I got these two patterns completed before the pattern for the Star Top Slouchy Hat - and I've knit that one twice already.  It amazing how far a human can go when one sets a definite rather then an open ended goal. 

I also designed and knit a cowl/cape like thing that was influenced by a cowl/hood type thing I saw someone wearing.  It was nice but didn't fit just the way I wanted. It was too much around the neck.  So I made mine shorter in length but wider so it would fit over the shoulders like a cape.  I wanted to wear it like a shoulder cover over a jean jacket in the spring.  I posted it as an original design in event designer dance and referenced the influence of the other cowl.  Its not like people design in a vaccuum. Ravelry removed my post!  I didn't knit a snood.  My design can't even be worn as a hood - its too short.  But I guess they see it differently, after all - it is just a tube, not a sellable design.  Oh well.  Even Ohno got disqualifyed on an event.
All in all I'd say I knit a decathalon - 5 events completed and motivation to take my original designs to a new level of pattern writing.

Next time on Thru the Back Loop - Wool and Hot Chocolate. . .

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