Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sock it to me!

Happy New Years to one and all!  My resolution - to use more yarn stash and stash less yarn - Yea right.
Susie and I decided to start a sock of the everyother month club.  For me it seems like a good way to commit to using my sock yarn stash in a timely manner. So we sat and poured over our sock pattern books and favorite Ravelry patterns and together we came up with a list.  It is a very ambitious list  - we picked about 18 patterns to narrow down to the 6 +/- patterns we actually may wind up knitting through the year 2010.
Now I am a little more experienced then Susie in time but she makes up for that in courage. One thing neither of us did in looking over the beautiful photographs of these fabulous socks was to "read the pattern".  Ok - so Susie picks the first pattern.  "Sam" by Cookie A (from her book).  It is one long cable, cables on every other row - sometimes two cables on a row or two or three rows in a row.
So we started.  Susie had her problems but for me I got to the turned heel and realized that these socks are small.  Way to small to fit a grown person.  So I asked my sister in funlaw, Dawn, to try them on.  Now Dawn is a petite size 0 and they were too small to fit  her!  The only person in my family that these would fit is starting kindergarten.  The one plus to giving socks to a child is they might out grow them before they wear them out.  No, no - too much work for a child's sock.  So I frogged the half sock I had done and stepped up to a size 2 needle (2.75). Now I think they'll fit me fine.
However since I asked Dawn to try them on and her birthday is around the corner I think I just guilted myself into knitting her a pair of socks for her birthday.  Maybe the simpler socks Susie traded Sam in for.  Yes, Susie has bailed on the pattern altogether and picked out a simpler pair of socks to start with.  I'm a bit more sadistic and will not be whipped (much) by a sock pattern. 
I got a feeling,  in the weeks to come, we'll be picking and reading 6 new sock patterns for our premiere year of sock of the every other month club.

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