Tuesday, October 20, 2009

364 Days to the Next Sheep & Wool Festival @ Rhinebeck

So much has gone on in the last few weeks I don't know where to begin? Yes I do.  We went to the NYS Wool & Sheep Festival @ Rhinebeck on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun despite the cold weather.  This is my second year and I enjoyed it just as much as the first.  I didn't think it was as crowded but we got there a couple of hours earlier this year then last. We got there so early the artichoke man was just setting up.

Yet the crowd at The Fold (Socks that Rock merchant) was already many deep.  This was my first stop so I put hubby on the line and managed to get back to him with my finds by the time he reached check-out.  Not as long a wait as last year - a double size booth and two checkout lines helped move us along to other wool vendors quickly.

Next stop buttons.  I finally finished my Wyoming alpaca sweater and wanted special buttons. "Bread Butter and Sugar" makes ceramic buttons and they are great.  Delicate and tough all at the same time. I saw her last year and knew she would be there this year.  I love the buttons and I love my sweater.  Together we are all very happy.  After these two stops I really had no agenda, except I wanted more sock yarn, so we just wandered around.

I discovered a new (to me) wool company from Texas - Brooks Farm Yarn.  I snagged 4 skeins of their "Solo Silk" - its a 50/50 blend of silk and wool in a single ply sport weight. Yummy!

Then I found Periwinkle Sheep,
another inde dyer and scored medium weight sock yarn. Her stuff is very nice with supple color variations.  Karen from Periwinkle shared a booth with Sliver Moon Farm.  Picked up 2 small skeins of a nice rust color.

I stopped by Briar Rose but nothing hit me, I did see two gals wearing nice cardigans and they sent me to Decadent Fibers.  I got a cardigans worth of a lovely teal worsted yarn there along with more sock yarn.  

Then on to Ellen's Half Pint Farm.  Last year I got a great 50/50 blend of alpaca and silk that I am currently working on a wrap with in a colorway called aquarium.  I was anxious to see what kind of sock yarn I might find.  I was not disappointed - 3 more skeins.  

And the last skein of sock yarn came from Gale Evans - called cherry blossom although it reminds me more of fall.  She had such colorful roving I actually thought about not knitting! 

The thing I love most about the Festival is all the independent vendors.  One never knows who or what they'll discover in the next stall. I almost bought a dye kit.  Maybe by next year I'll get up my nerve.  I stared at the rug making - hmmm, interesting. So much warm, fuzzy, soft and colorful roving. Spinners wheels, dropped spindles - is there enough time not knitting to add something else?  Maybe.

Glass knitting needles and notions of all sorts.  Swifts and ball winders.  And yarn from such a wide variety of animals - sheep, goats, alpaca, ox, and rabbits.  Some sheep still had their coats, others were sheared and wearing quilted coats/blankets.  Alpacas jumped.  Rabbits were held. Goats were petted.

And let me not forget lunch, which I did forget to photograph.  While I was picking out yarn for a sweater at Decadent Fibers hubby had a lamb sandwich. He said it was delicious so I skipped the other fare and headed for the Lamb tent. We shared one of their lamb plates - 2 lamb chops, wilted spinach with garlic and a few lamb ravioli.  I have Celiac's so I ate the chops and the spinach while hubby ate the ravioli's (he said they were delicious and we should go the their restaurant. Unfortunately we forgot their name and none of the food vendors are listed in the program.)

Hot cider and a walk through building E for a basket, cheese and some jerky.  Now we were all set.  Wool fumes and well fed - what a great Saturday!  Now where are my needle?!

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  1. HOLY! You sure did score big! Great photos. Glad you had so much fun. Next year we go together.