Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pick It Up - Put It Down

I picked up the Wyoming sweater again and plowed through the first sleeve.  I then diligently started the second sleeve and am 4 inches from the bind off and I just put it down.  I don't know why, I just put it down.  I want to finish it.  Really I do.  I just haven't.
I started to work on a neck scarf with a dropped lace leaf pattern - making it up as I go along and trying to chart it out at the same time.  I started work on a hat, by request, for Dawn.  An overly long, slouchy, weeds type chapeau.  Also making it up as I go along.  If this one fails Susie has a back up pattern for me that she has used successfully a couple of times.
Susie is my blog mentor and I couldn't have picked a better one.  Her blog is really cute and really taking off.  She has been officially - commercially - recognized. She'll tell you herself when the time comes, but I wish her all the good yarn fumes a knitter could want. 
I am very excited writing this because I am closing on my house tomorrow.  I can't wait!  It's a short drive to the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival and I can't wait for that either.  It is going to be a very nice fall and winter full of knitting and house stuff and skiing for the boys and wool for me!
So maybe I better take that sweater to the closing (2 hour drive) and have two things to celebrate at the end of the weekend.

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