Monday, September 28, 2009

New House - New Stash Closet

We closed on our house last Thursday and no I didn't finish knitting anything.  I did knit a row or two of the hat I'm working on just to say that I knitted in my new house.  For the first 3 days it seemed that I just walked around and looked at the house.  I started to clean bits and pieces but I stared more then I cleaned.
There is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done. While hubby got the gutters re-attached and free of mud and muck, I cleaned about one sixth of the kitchen.  Just enough to make some food and a lot of coffee.  Although if I had cleaned that much kitchen here in Manhattan I would have cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom twice! LOL!
We cleaned out the wood stove and chimney so we could have a couple of cozy fires.  A cord and a half of wood was delivered early Saturday morning, it took us 2 hours to stack it all.  To some it may not seem like a lot of wood but for me it was a lot of wood!  
On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Garlic Festival in Saugerties, NY We had no idea what we were in for so we went late in the afternoon.  This fair is huge with lots of great garlic, music, garlic merchandise and garlicky food. Next year we will be going earlier and making a full day of it.  We either ate or came home with pulled pork, pickles, garlic ice cream, garlic blackened string beans, coconut shrimp, salsa's galore, sauerkraut, jelly and jam, vinegar, garlic shots and a couple of garlic braids.  Good thing we both love garlic!
I finally stopped starring and got around to really cleaning on Sunday and knocked out the upstairs bathroom and my bedroom including a large walk in closet.
I now have a place to stash some wool and get it out of my son's closet.  It didn't matter before but now the teenager has discovered girls and become a clothes stallion.  Little does he know that its going in his closet upstate. Hehehe! Hear that wool stash - country air.

BTW - I cannot lift my arms above my neck today - it was a lot of wood!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pick It Up - Put It Down

I picked up the Wyoming sweater again and plowed through the first sleeve.  I then diligently started the second sleeve and am 4 inches from the bind off and I just put it down.  I don't know why, I just put it down.  I want to finish it.  Really I do.  I just haven't.
I started to work on a neck scarf with a dropped lace leaf pattern - making it up as I go along and trying to chart it out at the same time.  I started work on a hat, by request, for Dawn.  An overly long, slouchy, weeds type chapeau.  Also making it up as I go along.  If this one fails Susie has a back up pattern for me that she has used successfully a couple of times.
Susie is my blog mentor and I couldn't have picked a better one.  Her blog is really cute and really taking off.  She has been officially - commercially - recognized. She'll tell you herself when the time comes, but I wish her all the good yarn fumes a knitter could want. 
I am very excited writing this because I am closing on my house tomorrow.  I can't wait!  It's a short drive to the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival and I can't wait for that either.  It is going to be a very nice fall and winter full of knitting and house stuff and skiing for the boys and wool for me!
So maybe I better take that sweater to the closing (2 hour drive) and have two things to celebrate at the end of the weekend.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Socks finished, sweater to go?

I finished my socks! Yea! Finally! It seems like the longest month of sock knitting.  I have so many WIP that I had to make something for fast, instant, gratification. 
I picked up the new Vouge knitting magazine.  The one with the pink beret on the cover.  I made the chunky cable and bobble hat.  Pattern #12.  My first foray into bobbles.  Not for lack of ability but more like a lack of desire.  But on this hat they were very cute.  Now I have to design a pair of hand warmers to match (A request from the person who doesn't know they are getting the matching hat - well maybe until now) 
I picked up my alpaca sweater as the weather is giving us fall like glimpses.  I am finished with the body and now have to cast on for the sleeves.  Two of them.  I can always finish it for spring?!  No, no I must not procrastinate.
I have decided to hibernate the one strip scarf and the lace thread scarf for now.  I haven't picked up the blanket in a while.  More because I don't know just where I'm going with it.  Probably to the cave with the other stuff.  But ya never know what Mama Bear will knit while she is in her cave waiting for Papa Bear and Jr. to come home for their porridge.
I guess I'm just trying to get my head clear for The Wool & Sheep Festival.  I am dreaming of new sock yarn.  Last year I got enough great yarn to last the year.  But now the year is coming to an end and I'm almost out of "special" sock yarn stash.  I have a couple of skeins left. I know I can always get some very good commercial and widely available sock yarn but the "special " stuff is well -"special".  I like all the independently dyed sock yarn.  I like getting there what I can't get anywhere else.  I stock up and go through it all year long. I can almost smell the wool ...
But for now back to my sweater!