Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back Home / Back Knitting

I spent a week on vacation and I must admit I didn't get much knitting done.  I finished the one sock I started before we left and knit 4" of the cuff on its match.  I also did not finish reading my book, more like 2/3 through.  It was a great vacation!  You can tell because I got nothing done.
I am working on my sock today.   Susie gave me a set of short bamboo needles (she doesn't like wood - she's a metal snob and a disco queen!)  I was resistant at first because they were so short, but I found with this pair of socks that I love the shorty's.  I just ordered a set from Knit Picks.  While I like the bamboo I love the slickness of the Harmony Woods.  Slick but warm and no grain to feel as your needles pass by one another.  Bamboo may stop the needles from sliding out but it also drags the yarn.  Tight wood makes a difference to me.  I need some drag because I don't knit very tight - not tight enough for metal.  The Harmony's give just the right amount of drag without snag that I'm looking for.  And for what you would pay for one pair of fancy stix's elsewhere one can procure an entire set including metric sizes.  Those in between sizes can help make those socks just the right size.
At this point I have decided to add a stripe of red all around the blanket.  Its not really a blanket yet.  Its closer to a pillow cover, which it might become before all is said and done.  I am not loving how the back looks on a knitted blanket.  The last few blankets I made were crocheted and I can't help but think as I am knitting this how much "neater" it would be if it was just done in single crochet.  So this might wind up being a pillow cover and I might just start crocheting a blanket for the house.  Or at least find a different pattern that I think I'll like knitting better.  So its either a crocheted log cabin or a knitted hemlock ring or one of EZ's designs.
I think I'll cast on for something else while I decide.  What will it be?  We'll see. . .

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  1. The blanket looks great! Can't wait to go knitting tomorrow. I missed you!