Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looking for a place to stash my stash

OK so I have been knitting like crazy lately. Lately being the last 4 months. The reason ... we've been looking for a house. OMG! What an experience ~ frustrating, exciting, too much emotion, timing, money. Needless to say - knitting yoga zen to the rescue!

And don't get me started on banks. Two upstate banks took all my info on the phone and gave me pre-approved for a few different kinds of loans in a few hours. Chase took an application from us 8 weeks ago and I still haven't heard back from them. When I inquired on the third week (after about 12 houses we were eying got sold), they said they were busy and would get back to me very soon. I'm still waiting, holding my breath and turning blue. Do you believe they had the nerve to call a few days ago and ask if they could help us in any way (like sell us a credit card or bank overdraft) and when my husband asked about the pre-approval application the Chase rep's reply was that it wasn't why he called and couldn't help us with that. Needles to say my husband is seriously considering closing his account with Chase for lack of service, any service. I have never banked with Chase and now I never will.

As fun as banks are the most fun has been translating real estate speak into American English. Country kitchen seems to mean needs a kitchen, no cabinets, or both. TLC - you would think it means tender loving care but it really means takes lunatic to consider. Needs work = total rehab. Gut job = tear it down. Cute = small. Quaint = old and small. Minor water damage = you'll need an umbrella and or a boat~inside. Off the beaten path = even GPS won't help you find this one. Reno started but needs to be finished = whats the old joke about first having to undo something someone else did before it can be done right?
We thought in March when we started looking that we would be in a house by the 4th of July. LOL! I've since found out that closing, itself, will take over 60 days. So I've now made reservations at the Roadway Inn for the NYS Wool & Sheep Festival since I don't anticipate being in a house anytime soon.
We did find a couple of houses we liked, one we were 5 days late on and the next we were 2 days late on. I feel like we're getting closer.

But back to the yoga zen thing. I finished my Ishbel in Cayenne. It still has to be blocked. The weather is finally starting to warm up here in NYC and I'm not really feeling blocking right now. This may have to wait until the weather gets a little cooler and thoughts of warm woolly scarves fill my head. But, while I was blocking my first Ishbel I noticed something very clever.

Very clever Ysolda ~ she has worked her initials into the pattern. I like that, she is an artist signing every Ishbel made.

I've started another Baby Surprise Jacket. Susie has also but she needs a more detailed pattern, so I am writing it down as I go to give her a cheat sheet she can refer to. Susie's on vacation this week so no knitting in the park. To tell the truth, too much knitting (ooh- did I say that?), its hurting my wrists. I bought a pair of stress gloves from Lion Studio but I don't want to push it.

So I read a book - A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I could not put it down. Two days to finish and now I have to wait for Susie to get back and hope she has finished it too so we can talk about it. Susie recommended it as a first sort of group read thing between us and a third friend. Our own little book club.
Did I mention how much I love my Kindle? I have to go fill it up now for my summer reads ... And finish a pair of socks or a sweater or something.
BTW - We look at more houses on Friday ~ wish me luck!