Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Park Crawl

Susie and I went knitting today. The weather in NYC has been kind of off this spring. It was raining and gloomy at 9am but by 11am, when we met to have a bite to eat, the sun was coming out. We went to our local B&N and knitted, then moved to Union Square and knitted, and we ended our tour at Madison Square park, where yes we did, we knitted. We both commented on how we just should have went there to begin with. I worked on my second Glynis and got to finish the first Kai-mei (sans grafted toe).

It was nice to get out and knit in public and hang out with a fellow knitter who gets it. Susie gave a reciprocal "Holla" out to me on her blog and now I have followers! I'm so excited! Who knew! Thanks Susie - I hope to make you proud! And dear followers, thanks for the great words of encouragement.

And as a closing thought - I was wondering why the past tense of knit is knitted and not knat, like "I knat that".


  1. It was fun as always. And we even got to see He-Man! Haha!

  2. I never use knitted. My personal belief is that the past tense of knit is knit.

    It's so nice to have a new blog to read!

    (of knitting knoobie commenting fame)