Sunday, June 7, 2009

Glynis is finis!

Glynis is finis! I finished my first pair of socks from the Cookie A book – Glynis. I had to figure out how to graft the toe, commonly called the Kitchener Stitch. I’ve tried this before but to no avail. When I sat down and tried it on a pair of socks I made my Mother for Mother’s Day I wound up with a perfectly grafted toe; only it was backward, not knit – purled! Because my stitches are oriented backward, following the directions step by step was not a help. They looked cute, there were no holes and Mom loved them just the same but they were not Kitchenered! So this time I was determined to master this technique no matter how many times I had to try. I tried at least four times. The “aha” moment happened on the third try when I started to see the stitches in my head. I finally got it after I took the stitches off the needles and proceeded very carefully so there would be no twisted stitches and no holes. So I did my first sock, moved on to the second (I saved both toes for last), then I did it on another sock (the first Kai-mei sock), and I did one for Susie. Sometimes I had to go back a stitch or two, but by Kitchener I think I’ve got it. By the way this would have been a lot easier to learn on something that laid flat instead of a rounded toe. I’m just sayin.

I put Kai-mei and everything else on hold this week to work on these socks. They are a birthday gift for Dawn’s boyfriend, Vince. He’s a surfer dude from California whom I’m knitting a motorcycle cover for one piece at a time, or so he thinks. So far he’s gotten a headlamp cover (hat) and rear lights cover (morningside cowl) and now these handle warmers (socks). I’m using Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn for the first time. This is the fastest pair of socks I’ve ever knitted. Of course it helps that I’m using US 4 /3.5mm dpns and a very plain pattern. This is my 8th pair of socks. I like the colorway, it reminds me of Vince and of all the colors the ocean can be. Oh and even though he lives in NYC now he still surfs year round out at Rockaway Beach. Yes even in winter with all the snow and only his face sticking out of a wet suit. Vince’s birthday is June 17th. I’ve got a sock and a half done already so no sweat!


  1. Good for you for kitchenering! I'm far too lazy...

  2. I'm loving the Noro! The colors are perect. I'm really glad to know you fixed my jacked up sock. I owe you a margarita.

  3. I love those glynis!

    -- marilyn
    (aka knittingknoobie commenter and susie's friend)

  4. I love those Glynis! And I can't wait to meet you!