Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Begins

My first blog post - my first blog! I'm excited and scarred all at the same time.

I knit & purl through the back loop and wanted to have a blog that looks at knitting "thru the back loop" (amoung other things). Some call this style of knitting Eastern, some call it Russian, I call it "how I knit". I do have to give a holla out to Annie Modesitt (Knitting Heretic) who inspired me to find my own way and reminded this grown woman that there is no wrong way to knit and to Susie Gaughan (Knitting Knoobie) my knit partner in yarn.
This all started when a fellow PTA mom asked me to help her teach a needle arts club class to MS & HS students. It was a lot of fun and renewed my interest in knitting. I liked it so much I knew I wanted to knit on a more then one project a year level. I was also thinking about teaching knitting after this class was over.
After a little web searching I found the Master Knitters Course and The Knitting Guild of America (TKGA). So I signed up for the course thinking 'level one should be easy'. Yeah right! Questions were asked that really made me analyze every individual component of my knitting mechanics. When I took a good look at my stitches I found that I was twisting my purl stitches. Oh no could it be?! I went to an Aran sweater I had knit 15 years earlier and looked, yes it was true --- all my purl stitches were twisted. Can you believe it took me over 20 years to notice?!
I discovered that there are many different ways to knit and found the one was the most comfortable for me. I've always knit through the back loop and caught my stitches continental style holding the yarn in my left hand. Then I would purl through the front of the loop and wound up twisting the stitches. I wanted to make untwisted purls! I tried wrapping differently so I could purl through the front but that didn't feel right. I searched the web and old books (gotta love the public library); I found Eastern or Russian style - purls through the back loop.
Knitting this way is different but like everything else in my life - I just gotta go with the flow.


  1. Backwards, or forwards, your stuff is beautiful! Welcome to the blogosphere!